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Worker’s Compensation

Winchester Orthopaedic Associates (WOA) provides treatment for patients who have been injured at work. WOA participates with Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission Jurisdictions and consider West Virginia workers compensation after reviewing the case. Visit their websites at:

Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission:

West Virginia Insurance Commission:

WOA providers support safe, early, modified return to work that helps injured workers improve their performance, regain functionality, and enhance their quality of life. The success of early/modified return to work is dependent on appropriate planning, as well as attention to various physical, psychological and environmental factors. As patient advocates, physicians realize that early/modified return to work results in many benefits for the injured worker, including the prevention of de-conditioning and the psychological consequences of prolonged time off work. Employers also realize benefits through substantial reductions in disability payments, medical treatment costs, absence from work, insurance premiums and overall workers’ compensation costs. However, improved outcomes are dependent on the communication between and cooperation of the employee, employer, insurance company third-party administrator, attorney, rehabilitation nurse and treating physician.

Scheduling an Appointment for a Work-Related Injury:

Our office has two dedicated on-site liaisons to aid in your rehabilitation and communication with insurance companies and employers. When you call to schedule an appointment for a work-related injury, please provide the following information:

  • Workers’ Compensation insurance carrier name and address
  • Date of injury
  • Claim number
  • Employer at time of accident
  • Insurance adjuster’s name and contact number

This information will ensure accurate and timely care and claims management. Without this information, you will be responsible for payment at the time of service. If your claim is denied or in litigation, we request that you file a personal claim with your health insurance or pay the charges in full. We recommend you contact your employer should there be any delay in regard to your workers’ compensation claim.

Responsibilities of an Injured Employee:

  • Give notice to the employer as soon as possible.
  • File a claim with the Workers’ Compensation Commission of your state.
  • Select a participating doctor. Be compliant with care. Do not change doctors without employer/insurance carrier permission.
  • Seek and accept employment if released to light duty, and cooperate with rehabilitation counselors.
  • Be proactive in your rehabilitation, return to work and compliance with care.

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