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Since 1973, Winchester Orthopaedic Associates, Ltd., has been a leader in comprehensive and compassionate orthopaedic care. With offices in Winchester, Virginia and Ranson, West Virginia, the talented team of medical professionals at Winchester Orthopaedic Associates provides a full range of general orthopaedic surgery and physical therapy services.

As the only orthopaedic practice in the region with integrated physical therapy, the team at Winchester Orthopaedic Associates is made up of a variety of physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and physical therapists. That allows them to take a multifaceted approach to patient care that includes the right mix of seasoned experience and innovative new techniques. At Winchester Orthopaedic Associates, there’s an expert for every condition.

Besides complete orthopaedic surgery, sports medicine, and physical therapy services, Winchester Orthopaedic Associates offers the Ortho Express fast-track care clinic for acute injuries such as strains, sprains, fractures, and sports injuries. They also provide treatment for workers’ compensation cases.

The friendly and professional team at Winchester Orthopaedic Associates is devoted to providing personalized care to patients of all stages of life, from children to mature adults. Whether you need minimally invasive spine surgery or sports injury rehabilitation, Winchester Orthopaedic Associates can help you.


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Recent Injury? We can work you in! Our fast-track clinic treats injuries like:

◆ Sprains/Strains
◆ Fractures
◆ Sudden pain in the joint or muscle
◆ Sports-related injury
◆ Work-related injury
◆ Upper & Lower extremity

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Copayments and/or outstanding balances are expected at the time of service. As a service and courtesy to our patients we will file your insurance and make every effort to obtain authorization for tests, procedures, surgery and/or physical therapy. As a patient you are responsible for knowing your insurance benefits and if the provider is an “In Network participating provider” with your insurance. Please verify with your Insurance Carrier that Winchester Orthopaedic Associates (Tax ID 54-0931544) is in Network our PT clinic in Ranson, WV has a separate tax ID # (47-3031183). If you have any questions please call us!

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